Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Figure I'll take a small break from my trip down memory lane to say," Jeezum Crow! ! ! It's raining like a big dog out there ! ! ! AND It's a little on the cold side. But at least I've got the good luck that I'm not on my bike today. . .I'm borrowing my ladyfriend's car today (and tomorrow, and Friday, and all of next week) *Darbi*'s so good to me. More than I deserve probably. ANyway. The rain is great and wonderful [except for the cold] and the wind is spectacular.

I must be off now to do banking, and eat again. It's only been about an hour or so. . . but I'm starving ! ! ! I'll talk to all you cool cats later. Keep it real on the homefornt all my G-dawgs ya'll. *grin* heeheehee. . .



Darbi said...

Damn! No secret super-spy name for me... Oh well. I like my name. My name farking rocks!

Darbi said...

Oh...and if I'm your "ladyfriend" because it sounds more mature than "girlfriend" - what would YOU like to be called? :-D